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Episode # 661

Apr 30, 2021

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Accelerate growth and change with leadership effectiveness. This episode features Thought Leader and Expert Sharon Richmond, leadership and business transformation coach, published author, instructor at Stanford GSB & Stanford University, international keynote speaker, founding director of Cisco’s global Change Center, and managing director of LeadingLARGE.

“ My role is to coach you how to adjust your behavior, and leadership style or approach, to let your full power shine through. ”

Sharon Richmond
Sharon Richmond

"My executive clients are amazing leaders, and are building companies they are proud of. Working with them is my greatest joy."

Sharon Richmond is an executive coach and consultant, leadership expert, course creator, lecturer, speaker, and published author specializing in business-driven change execution.

She is also an MBTI Master Practitioner, known internationally for her work on how MBTI types lead best. She’s certified and works with emotional intelligence tools (EQi, MSCEIT) and has for many years taught leadership at Stanford GSB and Stanford University.

Sharon has 30+ years of partnering with clients to improve their leadership, accelerate change, and achieve their most important goals:

  • Venture-backed to Fortune 50 companies
  • Thousands of leaders
  • Hundreds of teams
  • Leadership instructor at Stanford GSB & Stanford University
  • Founding director of Cisco’s global Change Center
  • International speaker
  • Published author

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