To make real progress, you sometimes need an outside perspective from someone with both experience and expertise. Let me help you pinpoint your issues and define your simplest path to success.

To make real progress, you need an outside perspective from someone with both experience and expertise. Let me help you pinpoint your issues and define your simplest path to success.

Executive Leadership

Executive Coaching

It’s less lonely at the top when you work with an executive coach, whose priority is to be a thought and journey partner as you clarify your goals, understand your impact, explore new behaviors, reflect on results, and continue your journey toward being the leader you want to be.

A typical coaching engagement involves weekly or bi-weekly meetings for 6 months, with phone and email access between meetings. If you'd like to explore whether coaching is right for you and whether we'd make good partners, schedule a free consultation with me. I'm eager to hear your story.

Leading Change

If you're leading an important change in your organization -- whether integrating an acquisition, improving processes, changing your culture or deploying a new technology -- you're on the hook to produce lasting value.  Since 70% of all major changes fail to achieve their intended goals, you need a real game-changer, a superpower, if you will.

Through Change Hero© coaching, you receive a personalized partnership to help you beat those odds. Using a proven process, we'll work together every step of the way -- as you architect the change, align and engage the right colleagues, leverage resistance, and use the power of your people to realize the benefits expected of the change.

"I found [Sharon's] coaching extremely beneficial to me and my peers. It was very easy to see the results of her work transforming the team dynamics and accelerating the individual growth.” — Afsaneh L., Vice President, Engineering at Cisco Systems

Leadership Team Effectiveness

Effective teams are aligned on purpose, mission, and goals. Does your group know what they need to accomplish, and how to recognize (and measure) success? If not, start here, and take the time to sync up. In detail. You'll dramatically increase your team's likelihood of success.

Let's brainstorm together what it would take to get your team working like a well-oiled machine. With brains, of course.

"Great coaches help executives focus and prioritize, stay focused on the identified priorities, provide a vehicle for revisiting whether these areas have changed over time, and ask tough questions that hold executives accountable in a way that it's hard to get from a supervisor (in this case Board) or peers. They do this from a values based perspective with humor and insight. Sharon does all these things."  — Rich S., CEO, Jupiter Intelligence

Culture Building

Values and Culture

Values shape behaviors. Behaviors define culture. Culture forms the backbone for your organization's success.

Leaders can intentionally attend to culture, or let it grow naturally. And, like a garden, if you plant the seeds early, it's easy to tend and shape it as it grows. Once it's ingrained, changing it is a more complex endeavor.

If you are passionate about building a culture that will accelerate your success as a company, call me. It's never too early to start tending this garden.

Organizational Problem-Solving

Organizations grow and develop just like people do. And each stage of growth offers both challenges and opportunities. How well are you anticipating customer needs? What's causing innovation to slow? Can your front line employees affect your strategy? Tackling such issues can often benefit from skilled design and facilitation.

When you're ready to step back and figure out what's holding your organization from its full potential, let me know. I love bringing clarity to the complex.

"Sharon has vast experience, is knowledgeable, credible, professional, personable, and easy to talk to, adaptable, flexible and very available. Most of all, she is effective and she successfully helps her clients grow and refine their leadership skills." — Ann W., MD, Senior Vice Chair of Medicine for Clinical Affairs and Chief Physician Executive, the Risk Authority at Stanford Medicine