Do You Dare? (I Believe in You!)

Do You Dare? (I Believe in You!)

Do You Dare? (I Believe in You!)

While exploring our website, you’ve probably noticed that we invite leaders to consider two challenges: Dare to Grow, and Choose to Excel. Perhaps you’ve wondered why these are the opening challenges to our visitors. Here’s why:

These two challenges are the most important ones that we support executives on.

Dare to Grow

By the time most leaders reach the executive level, they’ve had substantial success in their careers, and often are enjoying continued success. There is not always an obvious need to focus on continued growth. 

And let’s be honest – growth, especially when it requires changing long-held mindsets or long-standing patterns of behavior, takes energy and effort. It also takes time, focus, and discipline. To many leaders, especially of fast-growing companies, personal growth of this kind may seem to come at the expense of more pressing matters – like the myriad tasks required to build a vibrant organization. I can see how this might seem sensible, at least in the short term.

But none of us are ‘finished goods.’ Even if the world around us wasn’t changing (which it is), and technology wasn’t advancing (it is), we’re now working in much more complex environments (hybrid work-from-elsewhere, up to five generations in the workforce, changing social attitudes and norms). And, as the well-known author and coach Marshall Goldsmith covered in his book What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, even the most successful leaders among us (including you AND me) have habits that undermine our greater success. 

You Have More Potential

So why do I dare you to grow? Because I know, without a doubt, that you can be even more successful than you are. And that you’re getting in your own way, most likely in ways that you don’t see, don’t believe, or don’t think matter that much. I know that you aren’t always having the impact you intend, no matter how good your intentions are. And I know that with the right partner, you can become even more effective, and make an even bigger difference in your world. 

My dad, with my daughter (2008)

And that’s what I care about. I want every leader to be the most effective they can be, and have the most positive impact possible, achieving their greatest potential, and leaving our world better off. (I lovingly acknowledge here my Dad, who always emphasized not my accomplishments, but my potential. Thanks, Dad!)

Human beings need to learn and grow, and are biologically wired to do so, according to Dr Andreatta Britt’s introduction to her recently revised book, Wired to Grow. You need the same. But what matters at least as much is that your employees and your investors, your customers and your partners, need you to grow, too. Why? Because the things you don’t know about that hold you back are holding everyone back. You aren’t an individual contributor anymore, you’re shaping and building the container within which your whole organization must flourish.

So that’s it in a nutshell. It’s because I care deeply about your success, and the success of all leaders, that I dare you to grow!